Mar 202010

Down North Adventures

Fun is in our genes

Down North Adventures LLC derives its name from two simple facts
Water flows Down and the rivers in Oregon mostly run North

Business For Sale

Down North Adventures LLC is a small manufacturer of its own unique line of equipment for whitewater boating and outdoor use with a current retail inventory worth $27,000. We are looking to sell it all off for $12,000.

We have found we are very good at developing products but terrible at marketing. If you’re good at selling, this may be for you.

All inventory, web site, high-resolution photos, gear patterns, suppliers information, packaging materials, stickers, T-shirts and a vinyl banner are all included. The hard work is done. This is a turnkey business that can easily be run from your home.

Most equipment is produced by second party companies to our specifications. The three items that are now sewn in-house could easily be produced by the same companies. No manufacturing experience is required. All prototyping is complete and all supply chains are in place. Web site developed but not currently on-line, not this site.

Please contact Brian at for further information.

Serious inquires only please

Whitewater Leash
Paddle security system

At last, a safe way to keep your kayak, canoe, or raft paddle with you during
that inevitable swim, even while wearing gloves or using pogies. A one-inch strap
with a fast release cam buckle attaches to the shaft of your paddle, while your
wrist slips through a stretchy loop of bungee cord. This two-way safety
system allows for quick escape if you need it, but holds firm when you want it.
Has proven itself in the 2008 Surf Kayak Championships

Pocket Cabana

An outdoor dressing room

Gone are the days of running into the bushes, hiding behind your
car door, or wrapping a towel around your waist. Just slide the
Pocket Cabana over your head or hang it from its two carabiner
loops from a fixed line. The generously cut, lightweight, fast drying
Pocket Cabana allows you to change just about anywhere, with privacy.

Nature Happens
Take it wherever you go

Everything you need to heed the call, all in one convenient bag.

Nature Happens promotes good hygiene and proper waste management.
Contains a water resistant nylon ditty bag with carabiner loop, biodegradable
paper, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, a sturdy trowel, and small plastic zip bags
to pack the paper out.

Nature Happens
Refill kit

Contains: a bottle of hand sanitizer, baby wipes, 10 zip bags and paper.

Strapless Line

Each of these items can be racked on our Rack Strap System or you can use your own strap or
belt up to 1 ½” wide vertically, or 2” horizontally Portable Pouch, horizontal placement only

Hydration Holder
For Thwarts, Frames, Packs, Belts, and other things

Here it is! Your water bottle or open soda can held in an easy to get to holder. Uses
a cam strap or belt. Slide the strap or belt through the attachment point,
strap it around a thwart, hang it from your frame, strap it on your pack or hang it from
your belt. Comes in two sizes. Large holds most one-quart water bottles while the
small holds 12-16 oz cans and many smaller water and up to 20 oz soda bottles.

Available in tan and black & blue and black

Hydration Holder with Splash Cap

No more diluted drinks! A self-closing flap keeps the water out of
your 12 oz can. Attaches the same way and is available in the
same colors as the as the original Hydration Holder.

Available in tan and black & blue and black

The Rack Strap System

Two simple, adjustable straps are held between two other straps

that go around your thwarts. The Rack Strap System allows you
to build your own custom system to hold your cans, water bottles,
sunscreen and other small items. Using the portable handholds,
you can even hold yourself in your raft. Holds a couple of Portable
Handholds, and up to a dozen assorted Hydration Holders, or four
Portable Pouches, or any number of combinations, each sold

Portable Handhold

Put a little peace of mind (or two) on your ice chest, dry box, or thwart

Run a strap up to 1 ½” through the back of the Portable Handhold and
the next time you tell them to hang on, they’ll know just what to grab.

Oar Bags

Protection for your expensive oars during storage or transportation.

Water resistant Supplex outside for durability and soft corduroy inside
to pamper your oars. Comes in three sizes to fit all oars with or with
out removable blades and a blade bag too.

Small fits three 7’-9’ shafts w/o blades.
Medium fits three 7’-9’ shafts with blades or
three 10’-11’ w/o blades.
Long fits three 10’-12’ with blades.
Blade bag fits three blades.

Three Ring Thing

Soft, flexible poly webbing holds your oar handles together making a
stable tripod to hang lanterns, showers, Trash bags, or whatever.

Portable Pouch

The Portable Pouch is an ideal place to keep small items

like sunscreen handy. Put one or more on our Rack Strap
System, or around your waist on a belt. Like all of our Strapless
line, it can handle a belt or strap up to 1 ½”. Now in all mesh
construction. Measures approx. 9” x 6”.

Fun is in our genes T-Shirts

Our favorite shirt! Heavy weight, 100 % cotton, rich purple
tees with silvery-blue lettering. The oval DNA and Fun is
in our genes on the back. With the oval DNA on the front.

Available in LG, XL, 2XL

Fun is in our genes ™, the oval DNA ™, all product names, logos, images, and copy are the property of Down North Adventures LLC and can not be used for any reason without the expressed written permission from Down North Adventures LLC.

2009 Down North Adventures LLC Inventory

Item                                        # In Inventory                      Cost per unit                         Total                                       Retail

Nature Happens 109                                          8.64                              941.76                                    19.95/2174.55

Refill Bag 13                                           3.24                                6.24                                       7.50/97.50

Pocket Cabana 60                                         10.12                                607.20                                    23.95/1437.00

Oar Bags: Blade                         52                                         16.62                                864.24                                    40.95/2129.40

Small                                         98                                        18.74                                1836.52                                   45.95/4503.10

Med                                         100                                         20.33                               2033.00                                   50.95/5095.00

Long                                         13                                          21.39                                 278.07                                   55.95/727.35

Three Ring Thing 7                                           2.15                                  15.05                                       5.50/38.50

Portable Handhold 26                                           3.70                                  96.20                                    8.50/221.00

Hydration Holder: Small             247                                          3.00                                  741.00                                    9.95/2457.65

Large                                       249                                          3.00                                   747.00                                    9.95/2477.55

W/ lid                                      248                                          6.25                                  1550.00                                   14.50/3596.00

T-Shirt 20                                           8.64                                   172.80                                   12.95/258.00

Whitewater Leash 149                                          5.07                                   755.43 12.00/1788.00

Sub total: $10,654.27                                $ 27, 000.20

Pocket Cabana w/o bag             39                                          5.67                                      221.13

Trowel                                      84                                          1.24                                      130.41

Charmin Wipes                       255                                          1.25                                      256.25

Assorted poly bags                                                                                                             100.00

Assorted Labels                                                                                                                  245.00

Hardware                                                                                                                            125.00

R & D Misc. Items                                                                                                               100.00

Sub total:                                                                                                                         $1077.79

Total: $11832.06

Mar 182010



This Is A Project Boat

For Sale: A 1950 Century Resorter Mahogany Speedboat.



$1500 (Includes Trailer)

Located In Central Oregon.



Engine is a Chevy 327   Most, if not all, planks and deck are in the boat. I far as I can tell, the bottom and frames are in good shape. Nice trailer with great tires and hubs.

Please send all inquires to




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